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Mardi Gras Gloves and Hoisery

Dress up for the holidays and don't forget to get several pairs of mardi gras tights. You might be thinking of a ball gown as a costume or you might have a jester's tunic in mind but don't forget to buy mardi gras tights. Whichever way you go, you will need your special mardi gras tights. The history of mardi gras tights can be seen in paintings on murals in palaces and old castles. The boy's and men who wore those remarkably warm and colorful tights didn't know that they were going to be the hit attraction at pre Lenten celebrations of Mardi Gras and that they were wearing mardi gras tights. You can be a part of that rich and colorful pageantry and your mardi gras tights can even be worn even if you are not a male ballerina doing The NutCracker on stage.
Some might think you stepped out of a 12th Night feast if you wore jaguar mardi gras tights over a black tunic even a white tunic or better yet a motley colored tunic to give a clownish effect which would be quite fitting to cheer people up and to feast before the famine of Lent when you will have to give up a favorite food or sport like having a rousing good time with friends. It is really quite a picture of revelry and bacchanalian delight to come wearing a pair of mardi gras tights and to have an extra pair on hand in case you couldn't get the one you are wearing down fast enough at the john or got too full of punch bowl merriment to remember to go.
What has become synonymous with mardi gras is the patterns of jaguar, polka dots and other colored clothing that has really little to do with the celebration of Mardi Gras except ( for mardi gras tights) that people who celebrate Mardi Gras dress up in diamond pattern clothing reminiscent of the clothing worn by medieval jesters and even of the Swiss Guard used by none other than the Pope himself. The wonderful religious connotations of your mardi gras tights will make quite an impression and you won't have to explain to people what costume effect you are trying to get when wearing mardi gras tights since everyone knows about the meaning of Mardi Gras and your mardi gras tights. 

So, join in the revelry and make your contribution to your cultural religious history by welcoming the year's festivities with as many pairs of mardi gras tights as you have planned outfits to help celebrate the season. Your mardi gras tights are just what you need to feel as tight as your are hoping to get before the long road of Lent or that long road back to work. Why not wear green mardi gras tights everyday and become an environmentalist. There are no endings to festive clothing, only beginnings.
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