Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves

Whether you wish to call these lovely items to wear pashmina scarves or cashmere scarves, it doesn't really matter, they are one and the same. The important thing to know is that Pashmina scarves and cool scarves make wearing jeans look elegant; even those popular ones with multiple holes! 

From the Himalaya Mountains where the Pashmina goats live, pashmina scarves are hand spun and woven in a loom; pashmina scarves, shawls, wraps, stoles, for men or women, come in the most delightfully vibrant colors. Because the high altitudes bring freezing cold temperatures to the goats' habitat, their wool is uniquely thick, but each strand of the wool reportedly six times thinner than a human hair. So the more the goats shiver, the thicker the wool one might say! The Pashmina scarves are thus of the highest quality.

The luxurious nature of this wool in Pashmina scarves makes for a highly desired and expensive textile market, and there is always an ample demand for consumer supply. Unlike mink, the goats' wool does not necessitate killing the animal, even though these goats must resent having their warm wool coats sheared off regularly. And if they saw how their wool was dyed and cut, they'd probably have heart attacks. Manufacturers only hope they don't start asking for a percentage of the profits Pashmina scarves elicit!

The silk worm is also hard at work in the name of Pashmina scarves; silk makes up approximately 30% of the pashmina scarves sold. This is a common blend of pashmina scarves that is sold the most often. On line web sites quote prices from c. $9.00 all the way in the thousands of dollars. Pashmina scarves make an excellent gift! Of course, the goats don't quite see it that way . . .

Pashmina scarves and cool scarves can be worn several ways: As a shawl around your shoulders, as a muffler around the neck, as a head scarf, and as a sarong tied around your waist. Pashmina scarves can be more versatile and match many different outfits you want to wear if you choose a neutral tone. The European way is to fold the pashmina scarves in half, drape at the neck, then pull the loose ends, each over a shoulder. This way you are getting the most out of the textile's wool warmth, and turning any outfit into a beautiful new outfit! Just don't count on the goats giving you any compliments on your pashmina scarves!

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