St. Patricks Day Accessories

St. Patricks Day Accessories

St. Patricks Day Accessories | St Patricks Day Beards | St Patricks Necklaces

St. Patrick's Day is a day that every one is a little Irish, even if they have no Irish blood in them. It's a grand day for the Wee Folk and St. Patricks Day Accessories are everywhere!

St. Patrick was a bishop who went around Ireland in the 400's and converted the pagan Irish to Christianity who wore a long beard. So long was it, they dared him to dye it green like the leprechauns. In One of the symbols on his beard of St. Patrick is the shamrock, in which he simplified the teaching of the Trinity, regarding the Three Persons of the Godhead, and, of course, there is the color green, as in his beard, especially in association with the leprechaun, the sprite type of fairy, who is full of fun and mischief. There are St Patricks Day Beards that truly bring out the Irish spirit especially in regards to how much they like to "drink and be merry"!

Regardless as to where you go on St. Patrick's Day, you will most likely find St Patricks Necklaces displayed in some form or fashion. Go to any "fun run" around March 17th, and you will more than likely see runners in various drunken irishmen  trying to race for that "Pot of Gold", which would more accurately be described of a mug of beer. St. Patty's Day simply brings out the fun in people and you will find most any venue decorated in green and people dressed up in some type of St Pats Day Apparel.

Want to throw a truly festive St. Patrick's Day Party or simply show your Irish pride? Check out what creative St Patricks Day Beards you can find and see what fits your style. These  are bold and offer various ways to show off your "wearing of the green". There are several St. Patricks Day Accessories ideas for young and old alike.

Think of the luck you will bring to the pub, your office or school as you show up wearing St Patrick s Day Party items, such as a green plaid kilt, showing off your legs. Show your devotion to your Irish heritage by wearing shiny Elf Green shoe covers (but please, not with the kilt). Everyone knows about the "Luck of the Irish" and having folks wearing their green in their St Patricks Necklaces will certainly brighten everyone's day and even if they can't quite find that pot of gold! You also don't want to be that person who gets pinched all day for not wearing some green, so be creative in your St Patricks Necklace by wearing flashing LED green shoelaces, a green wig, or a not so discreet green leprechaun hat. 

Your st patrick s day costumes could also be more fashionable yet festive as you include it in your work attire, whether it's your awesome shamrock tie, lime green suspenders, or classy dark green shawl. You can be the life of the office, or party with your green maracas and green face paint. Your excitement for all things fun will make those around you who are not as bold and serious about having a great time.

Whether you are dressed all out as a leprechaun or simply someone proud of being Irish, bring out the sprite in all of us! Join in the fun and gather with others for a time of music, food and golden ale. Dress up in your finest St Patricks Suspenders and make merry memories dancing an Irish jig or singing Danny Boy!

Coordinate your accessories with St. Patricks Day Gloves, Scarves and Hoisery and St Patricks Day Hats!

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