Spring Accessories

Moving in winter clothes is not anyone’s idea of having a good time. It is a good thing that warmer months are up ahead and you can only look forward to wearing all those spring accessories you have in mind. Certainly, you may look fashionable during these cold months with layer of clothes plus a jacket and boots, as they keep you from freezing. But you will always feel more comfortable with light clothes and spring accessories.

History of Spring Accessories

Spring accessories, like all other fashion items, contribute to an outfit and are meant to complement and enhance it. Their origin dates back to the 19th century, when English fashion included the use of shawls, scarves, and hats. However, in the early part of the 20th century, women dressed in a more simple way, sans of accessories. It was in 1950 when fashion accessories became popular, seeing more of corsages, hats, and eye wear.

Some of the Most Awaited Spring Accessories

• Rainbow Thigh High Tights

Spring is all about color and what can be a better way to show this than to wear spring accessories like multicolor tights. Not only can these spring accessories brighten up your day with all the rainbow colors, they can make your legs feel warmer.

• Bandanna

This is one of the spring accessories that can easily make a statement. Bandannas come in different colors to complete an outfit.

• Fedora hats

This classic hat never goes out of style. These kinds of spring accessories come with colors that are perfect for daytime strolling. These are also available with flashing LEDs that are perfect to wear during night time events. These spring accessories come in one size that is made to fit most individuals.

• Hair Accessories

For more fashionable fun, spring accessories for the hair come in a variety of colors and innovations. There are scrunchies in pastel colors and banana clips in neon colors. There are hair extensions made from fiber optic materials. But if you want to get easily noticed, use spring accessories with lighting like a LED Cat Headband or the LED Blue Bopper Headband. 

• Gloves 

If you want spring accessories with the retro look of the 80s, you can bring the fishnet back into fashion. But instead of using fishnet stockings, use fishnet gloves in different neon colors as your spring accessories. These are also available in white or black.

With different choices of spring accessories in a variety of styles and colors, you can create your own unique outfit.
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