International Flag Party

International Flag Party

International Flag Party Accessories

The invitations for your international flag party can be as easy as making passports. Stamp all the necessary information on the inside. Or you can keep consistent with the international flag party theme, and make and send flags to your guests.

An international flag party decorates itself. The more flags from all over the world the better. Hang paper globes from the ceiling. Or devote each room to a different nation and decorate for your international flag party accordingly. For example, decorate with paper lanterns and dragons for a China room. Our selection of international flag party supplies is perfect for your next bash!

So what do you wear to an international flag party when you do not want to come wrapped in a flag? You have many costume options for your international flag party. Ask your guests to wear an outfit that represents their nationality. Or have them dress in colors to match their flag invitation. They can also bring a piece a luggage and come as happy travelers.

One of the most important aspects of any international flag party is the food. What kind of menu are you going to plan to keep with your international flag party theme? A create your own pizza flag? Or have a national potluck dinner and ask your quests to bring a favorite dish that represents their country of origin. You can serve food with international names in them like french toast or Swedish fish. Dessert is as easy as sticking little flags on top of cupcakes to keep with the international party theme.

It is easy to get wine and beer from other countries so drinks for your international flag party should be easy to do. Hawaiian punch could be served at the international flag party.

Now you need to plan the entertainment for the international flag party. Music selections from all over the world would fit into the international flag party theme. As for games, you can play guess the country your guest represents. Or guess the national anthem from a country. Medals or flags, after all it is an international flag party, will make great inexpensive prizes and keepsakes for your guests. To complete your party shop our discount international flag party supplies above.

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