Mens Belts

Mens Belts

One of these things are the dress belts. The dress belts are one of the few pieces that not only transcends several different styles, but are maybe the only pieces of clothing that are truly fashionable among all of the them. It is hard to find a stylish man who does not wear nice dress belts, not only does it add a timeless classic touch to any outfit but it is an easy way to add your individual flair to an outfit. However donning the dress belts is not always the straightforward fashion slam dunk that it may seem. If you don’t follow a few key points then you could wind up with a ticket from the fashion police. So what do you need to be aware of when buying and wearing dress belts?

The First thing to look at always needs to be versatility. Unless you are a fashion designer or a shopaholic, you’re really going to have a few pairs of the dress belts. So when you are looking for dress belts and cool belts it is very important to make sure that it will go with a wide section of your wardrobe, so if you mainly wear dark colored pants buying brown dress belts would not be a good idea.

Fit is another important consideration when picking out dress belts to wear. To tight and the dress belts not only become extremely uncomfortable and slightly suffocating, but gives you an artificial muffin top. To loose, and your dress belts will not support your pants well enough to keep them up and will look awkward hanging off of your pants. One trick to get a more custom fit choosing a webbed or braided dress belts or cool belts. These dress belts don't have the defines belt notches that regular belts have, this allows its user to fix the belts tightness to the exact length that they want.

Patience is also important when wearing dress belts. Many people are unhappy with the dress belts they purchase when they first buy them. However this does not necessarily mean that they are bad dress belts, often times people have just not given them enough time to break in. Just like a pair of shoes need a few days to loosen up and form to your foot, dress belts need a few days to conform to your waist as well as the belt loops on your pants.

So if you are in need of dress belts, whether it's for fashion or function it is important to keep these tips in mind. They will not only keep you comfortable but fashionable as well.

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