Cheap Party Novelties

Novelty items and animal props are some of the funniest and most important types of items you can buy when throwing a party. We have them in our party warehouse. However, unlike most party favors these party favors for adults do not fit into the standard role of party props. Gag gifts are used as a way to prank your friends or gross them out and can provide you and your friends a huge laugh. Novelty items like noisemakers, LEDs or flags can add to a party and really help to create the atmosphere you are looking for. We also offer wholesale party novelties for those looking to buy party favors for adults in bulk. The more you buy the more you save in our party warehouse!

When planning for a party sometimes laughter is a good theme for the night so keep in mind novelty items and gag gifts. It is during these times that gag gifts really come into play. For example do you have a friend that is embarrassed easily? If so,  then why not put a fart bomb under his chair, great party favors for adults! Have a buddy who is always in need of a light or a stick of gum? we have the bulk party supplies! Well why not get a electrically charged version and give them a shock. Next time your buddy asks you for you for the last stick of gum or your favorite lighter make sure it’s his last. You and your friends will have a blast watching your friends mixture of confusion and anger as they try to figure out what's gone wrong. Our cheap wholesale party novelties are perfect for serious pranksters, all in our party warehouse!

Birthday party supplies are really the items that help you set the mood at your party or event. Try having a bunch of LED lights lying around the next time you throw a rave with our bulk party supplies. Not only will the sea of blinking lights and house music give you the feeling like you're in a club, but they are almost guaranteed to make people dance and enjoy our novelty items and cheap wayfarer sunglasses. If that is not your thing try picking up a bunch of Mexican flags the next time you host a cinco de mayo party or other novelty items. In addition to these some good food and cold cervezas, you may actually have people thinking they are hanging out in Cabo.

No party is complete without a good atmosphere and birthday party supplies. To avoid a lame party make sure that you pick up the right amount of novelty items and gag gifts. If you do, your party is bound to be remembered by all involved. Don't forget you can buy our birthday party supplies in bulk as well. Our wholesale prices will blow your mind, please try us, first and only for bulk party supplies!


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