Halloween Glasses

Halloween Glasses

Halloween glasses are pretty much a staple of the holiday. From the old fashioned "mustache and giant nose" monstrosities of old to stylized sunglasses, it doesn't feel like Halloween unless someone is wearing Halloween glasses. They come in pretty much every fashion you can imagine, and sometimes it seems like they've been around since the first costume shop opened.

A lot of different images probably enter your mind when you hear "Halloween glasses", and that's not surprising. Originally, Halloween glasses from Halloween stores were basically cheap, small disguises. A comically large nose over top of a mustache that looked like it belonged on a British soldier circa 1900 is the best known of these, though there were several other styles of Halloween glasses. One of the other styles of Halloween glasses that most people know were essentially spring loaded fake eyes. These were more for pranks than for a serious disguise, but they're still associated with Halloween despite that. It didn't take very long before a lot of companies started combining these two types of Halloween glasses, replacing the painted cardboard eyes of the fake mustache glasses with spring loaded eyes.

Over time the disguise type of Halloween glasses from Halloween stores fell into disuse. For a while, the only type of Halloween glasses that were commonly bought were part of a larger costume. One example of these kinds of Halloween glasses were the comically large goggles that seemed to be a staple of "mad scientist" costumes. Aside from that there wasn't much in the way of Halloween glasses being made, much less bought. A few years back, however, companies started coming out with a new kind of Halloween glasses.

Instead of being made as a disguise, or even as part of one, these Halloween glasses were made purely for style. They tend to run the gamut of design choices; from simple frames with black and orange patterns to full on advertisements for the holiday that go over your eyes. These Halloween glasses tended to fall more in line with the way people view the holiday lately. Instead of being made for a disguise they're built more for lighthearted fun, as if to reflect the fact that we mainly view Halloween as a chance to get together with friends nowadays.

Even with all of the changes in Halloween glasses through the years, however, one fact remains true. No matter what you're looking to put on your face this Halloween, someone makes glasses perfectly suited for your needs. As time goes on this trend will almost certainly continue. That's enough to make one wonder, with a childlike grin on their face, "What's coming next?".

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