Holidays are always stressful, whether it’s the in-laws coming in town, massive amounts of cooking or having to put up decorations this time of year always puts strain on those involved. However this is not what the holidays are about, they are about celebrating family, enjoying good food and remembering what's really important in life. So how can we all start to be less stressed and start being more thankful around the holidays with our costume glasses?

Part of the problem is the festiveness, oftentimes ones holiday a get together often turns dull not because of anything anybody does, but because the holiday cheer is lacking. One way to fight this is to go all out with the decorations. If it’s Christmas put up the mistletoe, if it's Cinco De Mayo time to put out the Mexican flags, holding an Easter celebration, then break out the eggs. Decorating your house in the theme of the holiday is a great way to add some life to an otherwise dull holiday event.

Another way that you can do this is to really get into the event. By embracing the holiday spirit you can infect everyone else around you with holiday cheer. For example this year try handing out your Christmas presents in a Santa costume or throwing some bunny ears on you and your kids when looking for eggs this Easter. It is little things like this that let everyone forget about the trivial issues and focus on what is really about important around the holidays, your family.

So when the next holiday rolls around it might be time to give yourself a break. Instead of stressing over whether or not his/hers in-laws are going to like you, it may be time to realize that with the right decorations and the right attire many of the little worries will melt away.

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