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The strikingly recognizable “Gangster Hat," is a world fashion fixture. Signifying corrupt men of the past the gangster hat established itself to emulate the style and era of gangsters in the 20’s and 30’s.  Known mostly as a mafia hat. Worn by iconic gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugsy Seigal, gangster hats and fun hats were worn to give character and to give the impression you “aren’t to be messed with”. They became gangsta hat wearers. During their respective crime sprees, these gun-toting bank robbers,  bootleggers, and prohibition-era law breakers considered these gangster hats to be worn by men, probably having no idea that their gangster hats was actually first worn by a women! Yes they best donned the mafia hat

Gangster hats is just the most commonly known name, gangster hats are actually called “fedora hats”, the name Fedora comes from the Victorian Sardou play, the main character a women, was the first to appear wearing the gangster hats, on stage in 1882 wearing the gangsta hat. It wasn’t until Al Capone’s mug shot wearing the gangster hat came out in 1920’s during prohibition that it became popular amongst famous gangsters, in fact the style became so popular photographs of law-men wearing gangster hats and fun hats where often seen. Then came the “Hat Squad” in 1950, although hard to imagine these days, this group of law-men from the Los Angeles PD, actually went around wearing these gangster hats! By 1960, there was no common men seen wearing gangster hats, they completely fell off the map, except for on Indiana Jones, the hat wasn’t seen for 40 years! Urban-legend blames President John Kennedy for the decline in hat wearing because he didn’t wear one at his inauguration in 1961, but he in fact did, just taking it off for photographs and speeches cause he though it made him look old, and he did not wear the distinguished mafia hat

Other speculation to why cheap gangster hats went out of style was due to the anti-war, or maybe the rebellious climate of the era, who knows, it may have been due to the shrinking size of automobiles! In the 21st century the gangster hats are back, Johnny Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker are some stars we see in gangster hats, bringing back the stand out style of the past. Gangster hats are made by major designers like Gucci and Armani, they come sequined, sparkly and all colors. No longer symbolizing crime, gangster hats are now a bold, sophisticated or perhaps a little mysterious and dangerous fashion statement mainstay, Nowadays the hat is abbreviated from the signs of our times to ever popular gangsta hat

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