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Mardi Gras Boas and Wigs

Traditional clothing of the partying sort usually incorporates colors, shapes, and textures of the absurd kind. With this in mind, Mardi Gras boas are of no exception! Something the shape and outlandish size of the Mardi Gras boas earns quite the memorable reputation among party goers and festival bystanders alike. Mardi Gras boas have a vivid and long-standing history with the colorful celebration. It's practically tradition to see at least a handful of attendants each and every year sporting these feathery soft fluff scarves around their person, showing off what Mardi Gras boas truly represent; fun, bizarre fashion, and love for the burlesque. That's correct. Mardi Gras boas are a pumped-up version of the traditional French boa, often times worn around the necks of bedazzled entertainers.

Mardi Gras boas, along with numerous associated accessories, has an origin which reaches further than the biggest bashes of the 1960's and 1970's, most renown for taking place on the open streets of New Orleans. Mardi Gras boas and their use reaches as far back as the early 1800's; as far as its introduction to America goes. 1857 is when the first official parade took place by technically the first group to Americanize Mardi Gras. It was named the Mystick Krew of Comus. Rightfully so as it was lead by birds. Mardi Gras boas were worn nay, not by human beings but by birds - in order to appear more stylish and to attract possible mates of ducks for the evening. That's right. Flying, feathered little creatures began the tradition of wearing a boa around your neck at parties! It was they who is to blame. Or perhaps...thank?

No, of course that last part is false but it's at least a lot more fascinating of a story to explain the brilliant colored feathers of Mardi Gras boas with a false bit of origin, than the truth being that they were worn only by human beings who found them a fascinating addition to an already colorful outfit. Mardi Gras boas were never sported by pigeons, ducks, geese, or any other assortment of bird, respectively...unless of course someone were to dress one up for the sake of a party. In which case, they are an odd sort of folk who should never have been given the opportunity of owning Mardi Gras boas. They obviously went mad with power if they're willing to dress up woodland creatures in such a way. Unless it was a pig. In which case, it's acceptable and understandably adorable.

Although Mardi Gras boas exist and are worn primarily for the fantastically odd aspect of themselves, they don't have much use for keeping warm. A regular scarf will do for that...perhaps of wool? Certainly not made of feathers and threads of a sort keeping it all strung together. Knowing this, it is completely fine if you would prefer to wear something other than Mardi Gras boas for the dead of Winter. In fact, it's best that you leave Mardi Gras boas in your closet for the cold times and only crack them out for your party time. Indeed, Mardi Gras boas are a definite necessity for party time.
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