Cool helmets

The definition of a cool helmet has definitely changed over time. What was considered a cool helmet back in 1980, doesn't come close to being a cool helmet by today's standards. Helmets are worn for bikes, rollerblading, motorcycles and lots of other things. The coolness of helmet depends on the tastes of the individual who is purchasing it.

In order to be considered one of the cool helmets and fun hats by today's standards, the helmet needs to be sleek in design and incorporate some kind of colorful logo or design. A geeky 1980's helmet that looks like a big round bowl on the rider's head is not by any means cool. The cool helmets of today are usually the most unique in design.

People compete to create the most diverse helmets, on the market, more as novelty items rather than protection. They come up with the craziest designs and some cool helmets are replicas of other things. Some of the coolest and most unique helmets are lizard helmets, a helmet made from bamboo, a collapsible helmet made from crape paper, and a fish bowl helmet. 

Cool helmets are great for getting weird looks from people passing by. If you love attention, then one of the cool helmets is a novelty you won't want to pass up. You can find them in novelty shops, or go out on a limb and have someone talented make you your very own cool helmets like no other.

Cool helmets are made for boys, girls, men and women. There are many different cool helmets and fun hats out there that are so creative that people compete to find the coolest. Most cool helmets, are unique but so are standard helmets that keep your head safe from injury. 

When choosing cool helmets, you will have to decide what exactly it is that you are looking for in a helmet. Would you rather have cool helmets that are just for looks, or cool helmets that will protect you if you are involved in an accident? The choice is yours. If you ride a fast motorcycle then you should buy one for protection, if not, then a decorative one might be for you.

Cool helmets are definitely a trendy way to get the attention you crave. If you are feeling less than confident, then slide one of your cool helmets and hide from the world for a little bit. No matter what kind of cool helmets you choose, make sure you check it for functionality as well.

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