General Gloves

General Gloves

Back then women and girls wore cotton gloves to every social function they attended. Their attire consisted of fitted dresses, modest heels and a number of accessories. Accessories were very much a part of this look. Women accented their outfits with hats, handbags, a string of pearls and cotton gloves with cool gloves often dyed to match their dresses.

As the decades rolled on, women began to shy away from cotton gloves and cool gloves as an accessory for everyday use. Today elbow length white cotton gloves are worn by many brides on their wedding day. Cotton gloves may no longer be considered as a popular accessory but they still ad timeless style to any formal wear.

Cotton gloves and fashion do not always meet each other in the middle these days. Can you see a girl today running around in skinny jeans, platform heels and a pair of white cotton gloves? I can't, not unless Kim Kardashian or maybe Paris Hilton does it first!

Other than for use as a work glove, and of course as wedding attire; incidentally cotton gloves do usually adorn most of a wedding party, men and women alike; men, with their tuxes and of course the bridesmaids with their matching cotton gloves and dresses. Cotton gloves have truly lost most of their popularity. In favor of leather or often some sort of stretch fabric over cotton, cotton gloves have become more a thing of the past.

There is though, the avid gardener who might don a pair of cotton gloves to weed out their garden or dig up dirt. Or, maybe the occasional costume party where party goers are asked to please wear a look of fashion from previous years. Or possibly some retro designer will put them to some use on the runway, but other than that; the only reason I can feasibly think of for a man or woman to put on a pair of white cotton gloves would be to check for dust build up on furniture!

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