Masquerade Masks | Accessories

Masquerade Masks | Accessories

For some, Halloween is the most exciting holiday of the year. It's the chance to behave with childlike abandon and scare the heck out of all your friends. When you play practical jokes on your friends any other day of the year, they call you immature, but if you wait until Halloween to scare the bejesus out of them - then you're an amazing Halloween prankster.

Scaring strangers:

You need the perfect masquerade ball masks from us to decorate your home. Trick-or-treaters will be strolling unsuspectingly up your walkway, and you will want to make sure they remember your house before they get to the door. You will want to dress up your yard in spooky feather masks. Glow in the dark items are a necessity since it will be getting dark around the time the trick-or-treaters start their rounds.

No haunted Halloween house is complete without feather masks from like cobwebs decorating the bushes and trees in the front yard. The next step is either jumping out at the unsuspecting people or having a small skit that takes place in the front yard. Someone could dress up in a Scream-Ghost face plastic mask or use black masquerade masks or some other scary guise and chase random people, or chase a certain participant and stab him with a Retractable Disappearing Knife. To create the illusion and make it look realistic, there should be plenty of spurting blood.

Scaring your friends:

You may decide not to entertain trick-or-treaters, but instead, scare your closest friends. You could have a Halloween party or a haunted house with feather masks. You'll need a lot more Halloween accessories with the last idea, but a haunted house is heaps of fun and gives you the chance to really scare your friends with your clever use of them.

A Halloween party will give you a chance to create items like cupcakes with crumbly, cookie toppings and gummy worms that look like dirt and worms. This is the time to let your creativity shine. You could have creepy desserts with masquerade ball masks on them, and decorations inside the home instead of concentrating on the outside of the home. Things around the home to make people jump in fright can be very funny.

If you decide on a haunted house, definetly, you and you friends should wear some black masquerade masks - different idea, but the result is still making them jump in fright, and hopefully a few screams will escape them too. You'll want to use realistic-looking blood and guts as well. There are many ways to create this effect. The easiest way to get the blood is to buy fake blood. There will be other things on which to concentrate your creativity and use  Creating the maze through your home can be done by cordoning off the rooms and making the guests walk a predetermined path. At the end of the maze, put some designs up using some masquerade ball masks- you could have drinks that look like blood out of red punch and some glass eyeballs as ice cubes. Other snacks can be made to look frightening too.

Whatever you decide to do, the right use of using black masquerade masks is a must - and can make a huge difference in the outcome. You want people screaming in real terror, not smiling and saying things like, “Oh, how cute.”

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