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Halloween Arm and Leg Warmers

Halloween leg warmers are a great throwback to the 80s. Supposedly legwarmers began when someone had the idea to cut the arms of a retired sweatshirt and place it on their legs when they were exercising in their leotards.

Maybe it was one of the many of ballet dancers who were catching colds while practicing in their onesies. Dancers were the first to wear leg warmers to keep their legs warm and safe from cramping. In the 80s legs warmers became such a big fad after two big dance movies featured dancers and their legs garnished with something fuzzy and thick.

Teenagers filled the malls and halls wearing their warmers with their faded jeans and tights and during the exercise craze.

It’s hard to tell how long warmers such as Halloween leg warmers were used before they left between the walls of dance studios. Traditionally they were made from wool, and other materials, such as light stocking, thick cloths and made from soft acrylic blend. Halloween leg warmers from Halloween stores are commonly worn below the knees or slouched down to the ankles or extended to cover half the foot when indoors.

Run in place, practice running sprints, wear stretchy leotards and quickly bring the fashion of the 80s back into style with Halloween leg warmers. Any costume or Halloween party will be more fun when Halloween leg warmers are worn. Make sure to cut off the top of an old sweatshirt and slouch it over a wife beater and place on the Halloween leg warmers from Halloween stores and soon be dancing over everyone’s heart with this get up.

It does not just take a special occasion or party to wear Halloween leg warmers. These bright colored treats can be added to any wardrobe. Make an emo-style even perkier and be the life of the classroom when you wear a short, pleated skirt paired with Halloween leg warmers.

Halloween leg warmers are made in bright colors and designs. Halloween leg warmers come with buttons, sparkles and all kinds of fun fashions for the adventurer.

Any ice skater is going to stand out with bright Halloween leg warmers to match their outfits. Take the 80s style to full disclosure and add a matching headband! While there are plenty of confident men out there, women have been basically those who wear Halloween leg warmers.

Couple Halloween leg warmers with matching arm warmers which are exactly the same except they cover the arms. The cool designs made for Halloween leg warmers give any one a 80s look immediately.

Have fun for one evening - pull on a pair of Halloween leg warmers, splash on the water and dance like it's 1985!

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