St Patricks' Wigs & Beards

St Patricks' Wigs & Beards

St Patricks Day Wigs | St Patty's Day Wigs |

Nothing screams St Patricks Day like a head-to-toe green outfit. There are no better toppers to your costume than St Patricks Day Wigs. You can find St Patty's Day Wigs in a wide variety of styles. 

Some holiday party-goers prefer to keep with the green theme for their St Patty's Day Wigs. We have green wigs in a range of greens from kelly to lime to hunter. We also have in stock irish wigs in a variety of lengths and styles. Choose from St Pats Day Wigs in a pixie cut, a bob, or a long flowing mane of green. We even have St Patricks Day wigs that are afros. Still not crazy enough for you? How about St Patty's Day Wigs that are mohawks? 

Others may prefer to honor the Irish heritage with red . The green St Patricks Day Wigs, in addition to being a mark of Irish heritage, can also be the perfect addition to the popular leprechaun costumes. Your St Patricks day party could be beards w/ green leprechaun hats. Some of the wigs even have green top hats attached for convenience. 

Throwing a party? Put a twist on it and require everyone to wear their favorite St Patty's Wigs. Think of the fun you will have as each guest walks through the door with different green wigs.

Before you complete your St Patricks day costume, make sure your real hair and head are prepared. We offer a variety of wig caps in different sizes and colors to ensure that none of your real hair gets loose from under your wigs. The wig caps also make wearing a sometimes itchy wig more comfortable by providing a barrier between the wig and your skin. 

No matter whether you are heading to a bar or house party, make sure you take plenty of pictures. You will laugh for years to come at your ridiculous and fabulous St Patricks Day Gear. 
For the most complete look consider St. Patricks Day Accessories and St Patricks Day Glasses too!
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