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Occupational Costumes

Occupation Costumes with an Audience

Occupation costumes made their appearance in the realm of acting when actual working professionals would dress up in their professional attire and perform for an audience. This served two purposes: 1. It was cost-effective as new costumes were not required to be created, cleaned, and stored, and 2. The story becomes more believable as the audience identifies with doctors, nurses, and other people in professions of the community. This added more umph where umph was needed and made the audience laugh in some instances.

Occupation Costumes in Culture

In addition to the theater, occupation costumes can also refer to national costumes or regional costumes which stresses or emphasizes a culture’s identity, uniqueness, and traits. For instances, Scotsman wear kilts and some Japanese were kimonos for this particular purpose. Still don’t really know how the kilts-thing works to promote macho machismo but eh whatever.

Holiday and Festive Occupation Costumes

During holidays and festivals, it is typical for individuals to dress up in their occupation costumes giving them superhuman powers and abilities? Just kidding but how cool would that be, huh? But men flying around in skirts, ahem—kilts, might want to do so when the children are put to bed.

Occupation Costumes in the United States

In the early history of United States, politicians used to wear occupation costumes as part of the Victorian era. You think wearing skirts, ahem—kilts are bad, men used to actually wear long hair wigs and make up. Nowadays, we call men like that drag queens…how things have changed. Occupation costumes in that time showed or identified a person’s level of importance or profession. Occupation costumes today are just called costumes. No less reason to retreat those who wear occupation costumes with respect.

Occupation Costumes in General

Occupation costumes come in many varieties and mean a lot of things to different cultures whether you understand them or not. Some instances may not make too much sense (like a judge wearing a white wig, lipstick, and white powder on their face!), but it serves a cultural purpose. Occupation costumes emphasizes the cultures uniqueness and characteristics and can be seen in many different cultures around the world.

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