Fiesta Theme Party

Fiesta Theme Party

If you are not a gourmet chef, you don't have to worry. Some fiesta theme party food could include guacamole, chips, salsa (bonus points if you have a chip and dip that looks like a sombrero), fajitas, tacos, jalapeno poppers, and all of these are easy to make or to buy frozen ahead of time. You may also want to pick up some fiesta theme party drinks such as margaritas, or Mexican beer such as Coronas. Feel free to decorate your drink cooler with bright, festive colors. Of course, your fiesta theme party guests will want a fiesta theme party game or two: you could play with pinatas or pin the mustache on the mariachi man or put the tequila worm in the bottle. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of endless possibilities, who does not love a little mariachi music at a fiesta theme party? You could create a whole online radio station with mariachi music. To make sure your guests remember your fiesta theme party for years to come, try handing out fiesta theme party favors such as maracas or red withe and green themed toys or stationary or any other odds and ends. You can find these at dollar stores or discount stores.

Everyone will leave your party saying "remember that awesome person's fiesta theme party?" and "why is it we didn't think of having a fiesta theme party first? We must be losers". Yes, it will be too late because will be the fiesta theme party royalty. You will go down in fiesta theme party history as the one wise enough to listen to this article on fiesta theme parties and have one rocking throw down that will be remembered forevermore. Congratulations! Now get to planning you crazy son of a gun! Don't let someone steal your title!

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