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Fangs and Teeth

Costume teeth are a nice novelty item that is commonly found in toy stores and costume shops. Although not quite the alternative to your dentures, costume teeth do follow the same kind of idea in that they cover your teeth to make it appear as though they are not your own teeth. The fad of costume teeth came about during the heyday of black-and-white horror films where costume teeth were used as movie prosthetics by movie monsters like the Wolfman and of course, the Lord of Darkness himself, Dracula. 

Nowadays, costume teeth are usually worn during Halloween as part of a getup, or they are commonly used in school and office pranks. Costume teeth and Halloween costume accessories can make you look scary, in a sense that nobody wants to look at you, but usually they just land you in a goofy kind of state that borders between not-so-convincing to downright ridiculous. However, with new technology some costume teeth are becoming more realistic and people will seriously think you really have bucked teeth.

While bucked teeth and Halloween costume accessories are always fun to wear around, the growing revival in the interest of the ‘vampire subculture’ is having a strong impact on the popularity of vampire costume teeth today. Seems like every little tyke to young emo teen, along with some goofy adults to boot, want to be a huge walking bipedal blood sucking mosquito these days, and it’s all the better for companies like us who sell these wacky kind of costume teeth. Nowadays, the majority of costume teeth sold for ‘recreational’ purposes are realistic looking caps.

Caps are a type of fake teeth made from enamel or resin that fit like a glove onto your real ones, and are held in place by specialized teeth glue, but don’t worry it’s not permanent glue. Just like the denture costume teeth, cap costume teeth are usually of the ‘vampire’ variety and look amazingly real, which is sure to get people jumping out of their seats when they see you coming. The popularity of the movie Twilight and its subsequent demonic spawn has mostly inspired this new fascination with underworld. 

Despite the seeming surplus of vampire costume teeth in the market today, the bucked teeth style is still sure to get you some gags from your friends and relatives. Most costume teeth are noticeable fakes however, it’s still fun to try and pull tricks on people by acting silly trying to convince them you’re a vampire or some kind of werewolf, or bucktooth cannibal hillbilly while you’re wear your costume teeth.

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