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Fur ear muffs

Imagine it is the dead of winter in Farmington, Maine. A bone chilling wind rustles through the trees and threatens the hats on people’s heads. A kid with ghostly white ears walks by with a basket of eggs. Day after day he peddles his eggs, exposed ears changing color even as the cold settles deeper. He tries warming them with a wool scarf, but his poor little ears just cannot take the scratchiness. Knowing that warm ears are happy ears, Chester Greenwood comes up with a solution. 

The next thing people see is a boy going out to ice skate unencumbered by his scratchy wool scarf. He walks by with furry ears. Is it a case of Lamarck’s claims come to fruition? Did he grow fuzzy ears over night? The answer is not so magical as spontaneous ear growth. In a particularly clever move, the egg seller invented fur ear muffs! 

Greenwood, with the help of his grandmother, some bendable wire, and a sacrificial beaver pelt comes up with velvet lined fur ear muffs. His fur ear muffs are the talk of the town. Eventually, the young Mr. Greenwood patents his fur ear muffs and makes a fortune with his fur ear muffs factory. All the kids in Farmington wanted to be like Chester and have cozy ears without the scratch of wool and a trend was born. 

One way to keep your ears warm is to keep a small mammal on each ear, like a rabbit. Rabbits on your ears would look silly, though. Fur ear muffs are a stylish choice for any cold-eared organism. Channel your inner grizzly bear with brown fur ear muffs, go for the snow bunny look when you wear the white fur ear muffs, or look as fearsome as a black bear in black fur ear muffs. Fashionable Navy or Red fur ear muffs are also available. Fur ear muffs sure beat running around with a rabbit on your ears, and fur ear muffs never shed nor require feeding. 

Fur ear muffs come in non-fur options, too, which is good if your ears are easily embarrassed. Enjoy the comfort of a subtle and cozy hug around your ears when you wrap your ears in fashionable fleece fur ear muffs. Comfortable fleece ear muffs offer the warmth of fur ear muffs in a variety of fashion colors to match your style or wardrobe.

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