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Party Hats

Party hats

Everyone loves a festive hat for fun occasions. Hats can be a playful way of engaging the world in life. Funny party hats make people think and reminisce about times in life when joy, laughter and fun predominate. When exploring the history of hats, their origins and creation are unknown. However, they have been around long before the Roman Empire. Head dress was worn in Ancient Egypt and has also been noted in other cultures as well including native peoples from thousands of years ago. 

Party hats are truly more of a new invention, though court Jesters were around from the middle ages, when the king's court Jester defined his role by wearing his amusing hat. Today, party hats are worn on many holiday occasions. In fact, colorful top hats are part of almost every New Year's celebration around the world. Time's Square attendees for New Year's Eve are infamous for their use of these party hats. Certainly everyone knows their first experience with party hats starts at a young age with birthday parties. But the possible uses for delightful party hat creations can be so varied and full of adventure, partygoers are sure to enjoy their usage almost anytime.

Today, hats and fun hats can define distinction, safety, or playfulness. While there are the basic fun party hats of Christmas, such as the famous Santa party hats and Elf party hats, the different types of playful hats that exist today are not in short supply. While everyone expects to see baseball caps at baseball games, few people could imagine the playfulness of a bride and groom showing up at their wedding reception with playful bride and groom baseball caps. These funny his and hers party hats and fun hats come complete with a tux on cap design for him, and a veil on cap for her. These lively adaptations of a baseball cap will keep guests in that special cheery disposition throughout the entire reception. Though admittedly, for picture purposes the bride and groom would probably not want to wear these party hats all night long.

Hats can define an occasion from graduation caps, to top hats and Sombreros. But party hats are a special type of hat. These hats can and do liven up and personify moments of life. Party hats are perfect for bringing out the playful side of a person, and they are great for making parties more entertaining and joyous. In some parts of the American west, Cowboy hats have been known to keep the heat off on a sweltering day, but as party hats, they can also be a great way to express that little bit of western mentality in anyone. They need not live in the mid-west at all, they can live in Atlanta, Connecticut, or from almost anywhere in the world. Truly these types of party hats are perfect for ho-downs, country fairs, and rodeos. While many people buy party hats for special occasions, any occasion can become special by just having a few extra ones around.

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