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Neck apparel has been worn by people since the days of the Romans. However, more modern neckties started in the 1600's. Some historians place this at around the time of the Thirty Years War. It is believed to have started with the Croatian Army with a piece of clothing called a cravat. However, it wasn't until around the time of the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution, that the American necktie was born. In more recent years, wholesale ties have widened slightly over those worn in the late 1900's. Typical wholesale ties range around 3.5 to 3.75 inches in width. However, younger men have also fashioned to wear wholesale ties that are designed to make a more compact statement. These wholesale ties are only 3 inches in width with more streamlined fashion. These compact wholesale ties have been a fashion trend that has arisen only in the last few years. With all the variety of designs and choices available for men, wholesale ties and funny ties are very diverse. Wholesale ties today are found in many specialty men's clothing stores, online stores and in most major department stores and come in a wide variety of standards.

No matter what the reason men wear ties, whether for work, social events, formal events or to be festive, ties can be quite a distinctive and fun fashion statement for a man. From the elegant Black Satin Tie to the more widely colorful yellow or bright green ties, wholesale ties can make a man feel as if he is making a statement about who he is and what he thinks and feels about life. 

Bright and bold colored wholesale ties can show that a man is not afraid of making a statement about who he is. More refined colored wholesale ties and funny ties make the statement that the man wearing it gravitates towards more refined things. This is especially true for the man who garners traditional beautiful silk or satin wholesale ties. For the man who likes to be a bit funny with his ties, he is always on the lookout for wholesale ties that makes onlookers laugh. From cartoon characters, to any sort of wild creative design, wholesale ties can and do make a statement.

During special and festive occasions like Christmas, and Thanksgiving men are especially prone to wearing darker red or deep earthtone wholesale ties. At Halloween, men can be a bit playful and wear a bright yellow moon colored or orange colored tie, drawing attention to his festive nature. The more patriotic holidays such as Fourth of July and Memorial day, men are increasingly inclined to wear wholesale ties with the American Flag or stars and stripes featured as the main design theme. For most men, this delightful and diverse addition to a man's wardrobe makes neck wear apparel an important and fun part of being a man.

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