Eyewear and Costume Glasses

Eyewear and Costume Glasses

A costume party or Halloween party is an event that appeals to the old and the young alike. Who doesn't want to dress up? It's the chance to live out the fantasy of being another person for a few hours. It can be the chance to pretend to live in another time. You could be a pirate sea captain, a Victorian lady or a Star Trek character. You are only limited by the depth of your imagination and the work you plan on putting into your costume. Some costumes are easier with the addition of costume glasses

Accessories can make or break your character. The biggest accessory is the costume glasses. A Star Trek character without the costume glasses and Halloween costume accessories are just a guy in skintight pants and a funky-looking shirt making hand gestures that could get him into trouble. Costume glasses transform the whole look from just a drab outfit to a fabulous costume that will have other partygoers fawning over you. Other accessories can add to the overall feel of the costume, one piece adding to another piece, but the costume glasses are the main accessory. Costume glasses finish off the look with style. 

The costume glasses themselves can give the confused partygoer ideas and inspiration for the costume. DMC style rapper costume glasses can be the creative nudge needed to dig through the closet for your old Addidas sneakers. The same sneakers everyone told you would never come back into style. Now, you can wear them without being ridiculed by your friends. Actually, they may ridicule you anyway, but at least you get to wear the sneakers again. 

Oversized costume glasses are always a big hit. Just seeing them can make even the crankiest person smile. The costume glasses and Halloween costume accessories that cover the person's whole face can be an outfit all by themselves. Especially, if the costume glasses are for a holiday like St. Patrick's day and are shaped into big shamrocks. The costume glasses that are shaped like shamrocks but are neon can make that same cranky person even crack a grin, maybe even chuckle. 

Even lazy partygoers can dress up with clothes they might already own. They just need to get some costume glasses. A button down shirt, pocket protector and nerd costume glasses are an easy costume to put together. An oversized, breezy shirt and an eye patch make you instantly more roguish and piratelike. Especially, when you yell, “Arrggh!” all night. Getting into character is the perfect accompaniment to the costume glasses and makes your outfit feel and look more authentic. 

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