Valentines Jewelry & Accesories

Valentines Jewelry & Accesories

In the 1930s there was a need for a low cost, throwaway accessories to be used with a particular outfit. This need was satisfied with the creation of costume jewelry. 

Costume jewelry supplies are cheap materials including plastic, glass, base metals and more. Costume jewelry is made to be used with one specific fashion outfit or “costume,” which is how the name was created.

Costume jewelry became popular during the art period known as Art Deco. This period lasted from the 1920s to the late 1930s. The next big time for costume jewelry was during the 1950s and early 1960s. This is considered the Retro period. It was a time when costume jewelry entered the world of mass production. 

The costume jewelry supplies used today include cubic zirconia, crystals, simulated diamonds and more. Most of the metals used include brass that is plated with silver or gold. Pewter, nickel and other materials can also be gold plated. There is even costume jewelry supplies that combines plastic, leather, wood or acrylic.

There are artists who use costume jewelry supplies to create pieces from precious metals, specifically for earring designs. Metal with a mixture of sterling silver or gold are costume jewelry supplies that can be used to create stunning pieces. 

Costume jewelry supplies can also include gemstones beads, vintage glass beads and more. There is a wide variety of costume jewelry supplies that artists use. When some are looking for costume jewelry supplies, they find it easily be purchase them from a storefront as well as online. Some of the best deals for costume jewelry supplies can be found at a wholesale operation. The value will depend on the volume of costume jewelry supplies purchased.

Some people obtain their costume jewelry supplies directly from the manufacturer. This may provide a better deal, but when looking for a wide selection in costume jewelry supplies, the manufacturer may not provide much of a selection. 

When looking for the best possible deal on costume jewelry supplies, purchasing from other countries is an option. Directories showing which countries have the best deals on costume jewelry supplies can easily be located online. 

There are even others who will make their own costume jewelry supplies. This can include everything from making beads to creating metal molds and more. 

Today costume jewelry is still popular. Many people continue to use it as a way to way to complete the costume, just as is has been used for decades.
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