Winter Hats with Ear Flaps have been around for centuries. Started as Russian Winter Hats back in Siberia, Because it sooo cold there. Its actually so cold that you could breathe and in two seconds your breath becomes an icicle! Whether its trapper hats mens or trapper hats womens, it seems that they all wore them and they were unisex hats and the only hat to wear. These Winter Hats with Ear Flaps come in an assortment of colors and styles for any personality. Russian Winter Hats look so cool when skiing or snowboarding, everybody has got to have one whether its a trapper hats womens or the other sex, this hat has got the style for all people. Lets start with these trapper hats mens, and add you need to add is a scarf and a winter jacket and you got it all ready to go into a skiing competition like all those people who wear russian winter hats. Trapper winter hats has got the insulation protection for all those trapper hats womens out there. When you buy Winter Hats with Ear Flaps, you buy in bulk and save with wholesale prices.

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