Historical Hats

Historical Hats

Civil war hats

Civil wars have occurred throughout history within many countries and regions. Our selection of civil war hats can provide a historical look for plays, reenactments, Halloween or as intimidating headgear during family arguments. Our civil war hats will make a statement during disputes with your spouse, children and coworkers! In addition to dramatization our civil war hats can also provide an increase in height for those that are vertically challenged. The Napolean Hat is a great choice from our civil war hats and fun hats stock that can make you appear 6 to 9 inches taller! It worked for Napolean! Our civil war hats will allow little people to do big things just like the famous French emperor.

For those who prefer an aristocratic approach to resolving conflict, our Adult Colonial Hat with Wig will provide the "founding fathers" look you're after.
This and other colonial styles in our civil war hats selection will show the opposition that you prefer a more strategic battle approach. Nothing states "I'm smarter than you" like a ridiculously large and pointy hat. Our civil war hats selection also feature a Black Tricorn Colonial Hat with gold trim or the Revolutionary Black Tricorn. These will make great civil war hats and fun hats for your minions. Afterall, only the big boss man can wear the curly white wig.

Strategy isn't for everyone. Our civil war hats can also provide an airborne kamikaze style assault.
Are you having problems with your significant other? Don't take them head on! Attack from above with the Brown Deluxe Aviator from our civil war hats collection. Bombing your wife or husband with water balloons from atop your home may settle your dispute. If done while wearing an Aviator hat, it will work every time. Make your wife do the dishes! Make your husband take out the trash! Proclaim yourself sky captain with this great item from our civil war hats selection.

The roman empire was well known for its many civil disputes and wars. This makes the Roman Helmet with Red Feathers one of the best civil war hats for dysfunctional families. Wear our Roman civil war hats proudly while you scold your children for bad grades and unfinished chores! Equip the whole family with our Roman headgear and turn your dysfunction into a historical reenactment of the Roman Republic's instability! Our civil war hats are not only fashionable, but also a great way to hide family fights from the neighbors. If you're known within the community for raising a ruckus, you can quickly change your reputation for dysfunction to being known as preservers of history with our wide variety of civil war hats.

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