Cinco de Mayo Party Supplies

Cinco de Mayo Party Supplies

Cheap Sombreros in Bulk | Cinco De Mayo Party Supplies


Mexican Americans have influenced our culture for many years. In this country, thousands of people both Mexican and American alike celebrate Cinco De Mayo every year by gathering cheap sombreros in bulk and throwing festive gatherings. May 5 is indeed an important date for Latino's everywhere. Mexican culture does not celebrate Independence Day, our July 4, as such; rather the significance of Cinco de Mayo pertains more to victories in battle. The Battle of Puebla was a victory for Mexico, over the French.

Cinco de Mayo began its celebration in the United States during the Civil War. At this time many Mexican's and Latino's lived in the state of California. Today during Cinco de Mayo celebrations, enthusiasts get together with maracas party favors and throw huge parties. Cinco de Mayo can sometimes go on for several days. 

You can have your own Cinco de Mayo celebration in your backyard with a collection of unique sombero hats cheap and have a blast! Collect sombrero party favors for all your friends and family to enjoy. Gather the party supplies like wooden maracas and fiesta banners. Serve your guests with festive tablecloths and napkins. Throw in some maracas party favors, like cool red, yellow and green party supplies at each place. Use cheap sombreros in bulk, like Spanish hats and classic wayfarer sunglasses as individual door prizes.


Organize festive games for your backyard celebration using maracas party favors or such items as a Cactus Beverage Cooler Ring Toss Game or the Fiesta Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game. Highlight your party with Chili Pepper hats and Fiesta Donkey piñatas. Add spice to your celebration by acquiring sombrero hats cheap and make sure to buy dinnerware featuring Mexican symbols and insignia. Don't limit your ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebration to just party supplies you can purchase in party stores or on the internet.


You can even create your own out of old decorative throws and blankets. Hang tapestries from your trees, encourage party guests to dress in Mexican style clothing and serve foods with a little bit of cultural flair. Looking to buy in bulk? We also offer wholesale sombrero hats cheap great prices. The more you buy the more you save!

We offer accessories for all holiday celebrations, including Mardi Gras, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!

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