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Childrens Water Guns

Water guns for kids are an all-around fun summer activity. What's better than soaking your friends with a high powered water gun? Back in the day, there weren't a lot of options. You wanted a water gun, you got a pistol of sorts. Today there are so many different options of water guns, it's insane! There is even a, get this, tripod water gun! It hooks right up to the hose for a never-ending supply of water so you can thoroughly soak friends and loved ones.

Water guns for kids are washing up everywhere. BBQs, birthday parties, picnics and parks! And we aren't just talking about your standard run and squirt and run some more, there are organized games being played! Squirt football, target shooting and even ball racing. You fill up a small pool with water, put some balls in there and squirt away! The ball that reaches the other side of the pool first wins. How about freeze tag? Put some ice in half of the water guns, and tap water in the rest. When somebody gets squirted with cold water they have to freeze until someone with regular water squirts them. You just can't go wrong with a water gun party.

Water guns for kids are a cheap, easy solution to staying cool on a hot summer day. With enough kids and water guns, you can put them to work washing your car or spraying that dirty deck off. While the kids are hard at work (having fun while doing it, of course) you can sit in the shade and enjoy their smiling faces. Nothing is better than watching kids have fun (especially while helping you out) in the sun. With water guns for kids, there are endless options for fun.

So if you are looking for a fun activity to entertain the kids for hours on end, head to your local store and buy a few! Water guns for kids never get old, and the heat is definitely beat. So go forth, spray and have fun!

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