Spring Hats

Spring Hats

It used to be in the 1950's and 60's that women wore spring hats to just about every function they attended. Women wore spring hats to dances, dinner parties, political outings, lunch dates, shopping and of course the beach! Who can forget the fun loving antics of Sandra Dee in the lovable "Gidget" movies of the past. "Moondoggie" knew his girl when he saw her! She was the one with the largest wide brimmed spring hat! Then there was our most beloved actress, Miss Audrey Hepburn. That woman got away with some of the most ridiculous spring hats ever worn because she was Audrey Hepburn. Now let's not forget the spring hats worn by the Kennedy women over the years. Oh Jackie!

Though there are no real live "fashion police" or "hat police" in existence, many upscale fashion fanatics have set forth a few rules of thumb for the wearing of spring hats and their appropriateness in the confines of society. For those of you who care about society here are some of their somewhat laughable but obvious suggestions for the wearing of spring hats. Spring hats that are considered to be wide brimmed sun hats are only to be worn when it is warm! Pink and blue are okay! Avoid other colors as they are not fashionable. Spring hats that are made of straw can only be worn during summer or year round in California! Can a women wear a man's hat? Sure if it's girly! How about spring hats in the fall and winter? Better not! What kind of spring hats are appropriate? Only cute, elegant or trendy! Does my spring hat have to match my outfit, you ask? Of course it is always better if our spring hats go well with our chosen wardrobe for the day but according to social standards, as long as our spring hats match our skin tone we are good to go. Do you suppose that most of today's women follow this so-called hat etiquette? I say, I genuinely hope not, spring hats should be worn by the brave in any color, style, time of year or trend.

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