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Ear Warmers

Ear warmers

After suffering from cold ears while ice skating in 1873, a 15 year old boy named Chester Greenwood came up with the idea for ear warmers. The first pair of ear warmers, also called earmuffs, were created by Greenwood's grandmother, and they consisted of pieces of fur attached to both sides of a wire. Ear warmers and winter gear come in 2 types, thermal and acoustic , with the former protecting ears from the cold and the latter protecting ears from loud noises. If you are looking for the type of ear warmers that will protect your ears from the cold in a truly unique way, you need a pair of earmuffs. 

Ear warmers have come along way since 1873. If you are creative and want to look rather ridiculous you could make a pair like Greenwood did, but if you are looking for ear warmers and winter gear that are stylish and warm, we sell warm and comfortable ear warmers that are certain to provide your ears with the warmth they need during the colder months of the year. With over 10 styles to choose from at a low and affordable price, we are the perfect place to buy ear warmers. 

Here Are A Few Of Our Ear Warmers (No Wire Included)

1. Hot Pink Ear Warmers. If you want to add a flash of bright color to a dreary winter's day, you might want to buy a pair of our hot pink ear warmers. These flashy earmuffs are made of hot pink colored fleece and they are certain to keep you warm while accentuating your own unique style. 

2. Brown Furry Ear Warmers. If you want a pair of ear warmers that are reminiscent of the original fur and wire ones that Chester Greenwood's grandmother made, our brown furry ear warmers are exactly what you need. Well, minus the wire. Sorry. Again, if you want wire earmuffs, you should make a pair at home. 

Chester Greenwood was a smart boy to come up with such an ingenious invention. If you want to enjoy his invention all winter long, a great pair of cozy and warm ear warmers will be certain to satisfy this need. No matter what your style is, we have the perfect pair of earmuffs for you. From eye catching hot pink to brown fur that is reminiscent of the original earmuffs, our earmuffs are super cheap and high on style so order a pair today.

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