Summer Fun

Summer Fun

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1. Pool toys are an obvious choice for fun summer toys and include mattress-sized inflatables to log-shaped foamies and everything in between. The pros are to these cheap summer toys is that these typically won't reach the skin-blistering temperatures of the black tire inner tubes that used to be the best floating option, and they can also save you the money and hassle of hiring lifeguards. Some places charge a fortune for these, but not us! And if you want to save even more, we offer wholesale summer toys perfect for parents that love having fun with their children or retail store owners.

2. Mountain bikes are one of the hottest trends in summer toys. Of course, part of the draw of mountain biking for kids is the danger factor, which happens to be one of the biggest cons for parents who have to put up with the tearful tyke who has just crashed into a tree while recklessly careening down a steep driveway. On the bright side, think of how tough your kid will be after a few trips to the hospital! Also, good scars make for great conversation starters as adults.

3. Basketballs and baseballs can be great if you're looking to buy cheap summer toys.  Not only will these get your children active, but they will also help get your children interested in organized sports. Add a new ball each year and you'll never run out of ideas for summer toys! You're a great parent!

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