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Native American Costumes

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Several books and movies in the 1970s popularized and romanticized Native Americans and suddenly it became cool to wear braided ponytails, beads and fringed jackets. Because it was the consciousness-raising 1970s, hardly nobody can remember what happened to their beads or jackets.

Among the standard-style Native American costumes for adults is a polyester faux suede costume that consists of a tan-colored, fringed pullover top, a matching pair of pants and a headband with an attached single feather.

Although these Native American costumes are supposed to represent traditional garb worn by Native American adults, at first glance this costume looks more like an outfit that would be worn by a member of a punk rock band or perhaps a member of a novelty 'oldies' group.

A variation on this costume consists of a polyester faux suede loincloth and vest. This costume could easily double as an outfit for a male stripper but regardless of how it's worn care must be taken to avoid embarassing slippage and the revealing of controversial body parts.

One of the more interesting trends in Native American costumes in recent years has been the introduction of sexy female Native American costumes. Many of these costumes could easily double as outfits for strippers and exotic dancers.

One of these Native American costumes includes a sexy outfit that consists of a super-short fringed nylon mini dress with slits in the sides, beads, headband and even a tomahawk which can be used to fight off anyone who wants to touch the merchandise.

No matter how authentic your Native American costumes might be, if you have very fair caucasian skin the look might be somewhat lopsided. The same holds true if you're African American.

If you have a mass of blond, red or light brown hair atop your head it may throw off your believability as a Native American but then, some Native Americans must dye their hair.

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