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Halloween Makeup

Halloween is the time of year that inspires people to come out of their element and explore new identities by means of masks, costumes, and makeup art. Halloween makeup from Halloween stores is likely the most popular medium for transforming into an entirely different creature or character, because it can effectively by paired with costumes and accessories to achieve the desired effect. 

Halloween makeup ranges from simple colors and makeup crayons to more extravagant special effect choices that can create terrifying illusions. For ghoulish looks and more dramatic appearance, a combination of Halloween makeup from Halloween stores choices from glow-in-the dark and grease Halloween makeup to glitter, fake blood and fake flesh additions can be used. Special effect Halloween makeup can be combined with prosthetic face pieces, masks, or head pieces for more realistic effects. With the different types of Halloween makeup, it is easy to create unique looks and fearful effects, such as bite marks, scars, scratches, rotting flesh, deep wounds, protruding bones and organs, and even metal effects. Blending Halloween makeup into facial prosthetics can produce the illusion of protruding or stuck objects, such as a knife slashed through the head. Halloween makeup is also used to complete the appearance of realistic-looking facial additions, for example when attaching a long, warty witch nose or devil’s horns to the face. 

If Halloween makeup will be exposed to warmer indoor or outdoor temperatures, it may be a good idea to apply smudge-proof cream makeup or powder makeup to avoid smearing colors or face art. Depending on costume choice, different types of ready-to-use Halloween makeup kits may already be available for purchase to facilitate creating the desired effects. More common Halloween makeup kits available in most retail stores and online shops include already assembled color schemes for popular characters such as clowns, vampires, fairies, witches, or zombies. Special Halloween makeup kits for kids may also come with pre-coordinated color schemes to simulate a particular character look. 

For a less dramatic look that may or may not include a particular costume, there are other Halloween makeup choices that do not involve covering up part or all of the face. Stencils and body art crayons, body, lip, or eye shadow tattoos, and adhesive glitter accessories may be sufficient expressions of seasonal individuality for some party goers. 

Whether your personal choices of Halloween makeup are the creamy, rich face paints that create a unique look, the dazzling special effect kits that will transform you into the next terrifying creature of the night, or the less daring but similarly enticing face and body art kits, Halloween makeup can help make just about any character – scary or funny – come to life.

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