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Uniform Hats

Uniform Hats

Whenever someone wears uniform hats, it is to attract attention and a reaction from people, and to let people be amused. uniform hats can be used to live loud and live long, according to the person who is wearing them. A person can be both goofy and silly just by wearing uniform hats. As a fashion accessory, uniform hats can be noticeable because the onlooker's attention is drawn to the hat. Uniform hats date back to Europe in the 1700s, when French hats were made by hat makers called chapeliers, for amusement and also for formal wear. In England, they were made by milliners for formal wear and also for circus events and Shakesperean performances. 

Uniform hats and fun hats can be used to impart nuggets of wisdom, such as, " If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door." In sporting events one can see a variety of hats, such as the Kentucky Derby, where there are plenty of women wearing uniform hats just to attract attention. Hats can have some alliteration such as, "Featuring five fine fairly famous follies." Furthermore, uniform hats can serve of practical use, such as the holding of two cans of beer, to be poured at a later time-practical everywhere. Or a used car salesman can wear a hat to convey a message, " The best way to get back on your feet is to miss a car payment." Or in a circus, clowns can wear uniform hats with the message, " Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!." Or uniform hats that tell others of our financial state," There's one thing about being poor-it's inexpensive." Truckers are among the workers who wear the most uniform hats. Usually they convey a low-brow message such as, "Size matters", next to a picture of a fish. Or "Mother trucker" along a picture of a truck. Then there's the traditional "Chick Magnet" hat, worn by men everywhere. Fishermen wear a hat that states, "Fishing. It's all about how you wiggle your worm." The KKK wears uniform hats that double as giant white ice cream cones as well.

Uniform hats and fun hats can never go out of style; it's either the design or the message in the uniform hats that attracts attention after all. uniform hats are a timeless fashion accessory for both men and women that says all it needs to say about the person who is wearing them.

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