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Gothic Costumes

The modern history of Gothic costumes goes back to the late 70's and early 80's. Sometimes, modern Gothic costumes incorporate aspects of fashion that were popular during the Victorian age, possibly a reference back to the literary period. Historic Gothic costumes typically involve black hair and clothing, with little bursts of white or other colors, and silver jewelry. Gothic costumes can include fishnets and very pale makeup with black eyeliner. Even hairstyle can be part of Gothic costumes. Though initially it was short, the trend has changed so that longer hair is popular for men.

With the book "50 Shades of Grey" and its subsequent titles still in the limelight, Gothic costumes that emphasize bondage are trending. Sexually suggestive Gothic looks for women include tight black leather, see-through lace, piercings and fish nets.

Other trends for women's Gothic costumes emphasize a romantic, sensual look with overlaying black velvet, lace and leather. Lace gloves, Victorian-style boots and chokers are also trending and can enhance the current Gothic costumes.

Men's trends in Gothic costumes include riding boots, high-necked shirts, capes and long hair with a shock of color. It can also include silver jewelry, like chains, boots, gloves and exaggerated makeup.

Whether you're going to a party and want to surprise with Gothic costumes or you really love and embrace the style, characteristics of Gothic costumes include:

- Black hair and nails
- Pale makeup with black eyeliner and bright red lips
- Textured clothing, which involves mixing lace, velvet and leather
- Silver jewelry
- Fishnets
- Body piercings and tattoos

To take your Gothic costumes a step further, consider the element of surprise. Pack a whip to emphasize the sexier bondage side of things or throw in a shock of color - blood red, peacock blue. Make the style yours.

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