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Ear Warmers

Winter Ear mitts

It all started with a 15 year old boy named Chester Greenwood. Word has it that he had very large ears. His ears would get so cold they turned all sorts of colors when freezing temperatures set in! Chester was from Farmington, Maine so cold weather was a very big part of his life. Since he was allergic to wool, the usual scarf that everyone else used was out of the question. Finally he discussed his problem with his grandmother. With her help, a little velvet, a not too happy beaver that gave up it's fur and a bit of farm wire winter ear mitts got their start. Chester's winter ear mitts drew attention and though the rest of the town were happy with the winter ear mitts, Chester kept trying to perfect his design. Winter ear mitts was not their original name of course but winter ear mitts rolls off of the tongue much easier then "The Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors". Later they were changed to Ear Mufflers and eventually shortened to winter ear mitts. Three years later, in 1877 he got his first patent. He built a factory to make his winter ear mitts. Chester patented many other inventions over the next few years. He made his fortune off of his inventions and lived a comfortable life with warm ears.

Luckily we don't have to worry about skinning a beaver and making our own winter ear mitts. There are plenty winter ear mitts available for purchase in an assortment of colors. Furry winter ear mitts have kind of a history of their own. Popular in the 1960's women looked very stylish in their mini skirt, go-go boots and furry winter ear mitts! At least their ears were warm! Furry winter ear mitts are available in black, red, white, navy and brown. Adjustable to fit almost everyone's head and affordable so that you can match every outfit. Mini skirt and go-go boots are optional. You can also get winter ear mitts made of fleece. They are made to fit the heads of most adults and children. They are available in black, pink, red and brown. 

Winter ear mitts make wonderful gifts. They're practical. They're stylish. And economical enough to buy yourself some also. Both your ears and your wallet will thank you and so will the gift recipient. Winter ear mitts are at the top of everyone's wish list.

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