Going on a heist and can't afford a ski mask? Black Terry cool headbands. You can even buy 4-5 Cool Headbands if you really want the whole ski mask effect. Be careful, Cool Headbands can reduce vision and/or the ability to pull off a heist if you put them over your eyes.

Going to an eco-friendly hipster party? Go with the Green Terry cool headbands. Lie and say it's biodegradable and throw it on the ground after the party and tell your friends a tree will eventually grow on the cool headbands.

Are you going to be swimming in the ocean soon? Snag the Navy Terry cool headbands and put it over your eyes when you go underwater. Not only is your head camouflaged, you have makeshift goggles and you look really cool when you come out of the water with a cool headbands on.

Are you going to go to an orange grove and pick oranges? Awesome, I have the perfect Cool Headbands for you. Buy the Orange Terry cool headbands. Buy 20 to wrap around your head, and then find a comfortable place in an orange tree. Your head will look like an orange.

Have you ever wanted to stare at the sun? I have. It's not smart. Let's just say I'm writing this with a Braille keyboard. Buy a Yellow Terry Cool Headbands and wholesale hair accessories so you can just look up to get a glimpse of what the sun's rays look like. Save yourself from blindness.

Maybe life isn't so simple for you. You want to be taken seriously. Okay, check this one out. Are you running for Congress any time soon? If so, you seriously need to check out this ultimate combination. Not only are you going to be nervous and sweaty during your speeches, you're going to need to look young, determined, and hip in order to get all of those freshly 18 voters to be on your side. Pick up the Red, White, and Royal Blue Terry cool headbands and wear them everywhere. Wow, who knew patriotism was so cool?

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