Knee High

Knee High

Knee high stockings

When you think of knee high stockings, what comes to mind? Flappers with long cigarette holders in the roaring 20s? Maybe a cutie in a mini skirt in the early 60s? Well folks say that fashion is cyclical, and knee high stockings, though a much loved part of modern culture and a sexy addition to any school girl outfit, have been around nearly as long as civilization itself.

The first examples of knee high stockings and fashion hosiery were found in civilizations as old as Egypt and Rome. Of course they weren't made from nylon, but from cotton and wool. The idea was the same though, and in a culture where the sandal was the only sort of footwear that existed, knee high stockings were the greatest thing since sliced bread (a fairly recent invention at the time) for keeping the feet and calves from freezing on long nights or during bitterly cold winters. Knee high stockings were particularly great considering that the height of fashion for both cultures in question was robes, togas and loose, billowy garments that were more adjusted for warm weather than for cold.

While knee high stockings fell out of favor in time, they kept coming back over and over again. Mostly because no matter what fashion creates, the practicalities of warmth and comfort tend to be central tenets of things that end up becoming popular. And that's where knee high stockings excel. While higher stockings were often required as part of couture fashion, as long as dresses were long enough to hide them, knee high stockings were often used by those who didn't want to deal with the time and stress of full stockings. But it was the invention of nylon that settled knee high stockings firmly into the niche of a fashion classic both today and tomorrow.

Today, with the continuing popularity of the mini skirt (and for obvious reasons), knee high stockings have kept both their practical and their fashionable applications. Knee high stockings are warm, something that any woman that's worn them is likely grateful for at the annual Christmas party. Knee high stockings are also sexy, even when they're worn with something innocent. Some people might say that's when knee high stockings and fashion hosiery are at their sexiest. Though they've changed throughout the years, knee high stockings seem to be here to stay. And if you disagree, remember that knee high stockings are school uniform standard.

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