Christmas Belts

Christmas Belts

Christmas belts are an important part of Christmas. They are not only used to hold up pants or skirts but, are used to help decorate for Christmas. We love to celebrate and use many things to create our decorations. Christmas belts are one of the things that can be made and use easily. The most important Christmas belts we have made is the one made out of lights. We have taken the small colored light and made a string or belt.

Any of the many Christmas decorations can be added to make Christmas Belts. Holiday colored scarfs decorated with Christmas bells can be tied around the waist and used for Christmas belts. Slay bells added to belts can become Christmas belts. Pieces of Christmas holly added to belts will make Christmas belts. Christmas belts are used to decorate an outfit or to help add the holiday atmosphere. In the old days and some do it today, Christmas belts were made out of popcorn. They were sewed together and wrapped around the Christmas tree.

Christmas belts, with bells, are hung on door knobs to jingle, announcing a visitor. Decorated Christmas belts are hung on fences, barns, and out buildings to celebrate the holidays. Cars and trucks are decorated with Christmas belts during the holidays. Houses are all decked out during the holidays with Christmas Belts and decoration. Christmas lights are strung up, down, over, and around to show off the decorations. 

Our pets are not left out. Many people buy matching outfits of boots, pants, belts, and coats. They wear hats and Christmas belts in celebration. The outside dog house is decorated. Stockings are hung on the mantle and gifts are under the tree. 

We have come a long way. Starting out with home made decorations of popcorn, candles, braided cloth rope, hand sewed gifts, cut live trees, and hand carved wooden gifts. Today we have colored belts of light, glass bulbs, plastic items for the tree, fake snow, manufactured ornaments, outside decorations, and electrically lited fake trees. 

We love to decorate, so I am sure that in the future we will be making new and different decorations. The material will be different and better, offering more possibilities of improvement. Our grandchildren will be making Christmas belts out of other things, but the meaning will be the same. They will continue to use their own ideas and develop new and better decorations.

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