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Renaissance Costumes

Then men also wore a vest called a doublet as part of their Renaissance costumes. Henry the Eighth was very chubby, so his was called a quadruplet.

As part of their Renaissance costumes, men also wore hose to show off their legs. Guys, get a pair of Dockers!

The topper of men's Renaissance costumes was the headgear. It could look like anything from Robin Hood's hat on steroids to a lavender ostrich nest. The bigger the better, and Renaissance costumes hats also needed plenty of feathers from some poor naked peacock.

Women were resplendent in their Renaissance costumes, but they were definitely not comfortable. Women wore a tight corset and bustle under hoop skirts that Scarlett O'Hara would envy. They had to be stuffed into their clothing by helpful servants, who had to get cracking, or, by the time Her Ladyship was dressed, it would be time to undress again.

Women were permitted plunging necklines, however. That's so they could attract a man who could afford to keep them in Renaissance costumes.

At least the ladies all kept warm, because, among other things under their Renaissance costumes, they wore hose and several petticoats. Their gowns were also nearly always wool, silk or satin. That was okay for winter. But I think one summer Good Queen Bess said, "I wish someone would invent air conditioning."

Nowadays, you can get Renaissance costumes that are far different from the good old days. For one thing, you don't have to wear them all the time. For another, Renaissance costumes come in comfortable fabrics like cotton, suede, and velour. And Renaissance costumes nowadays are machine washable and dryable.

Renaissance costumes are also available in many styles. You can be a noble, a monk, a rogue, or a lusty tavern wench!

So get your own Renaissance costumes, and party like it's 1562. Pass the turkey legs, please!

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