Military Costumes

Some famously recognizable military costumes would include the tunics and sandals of ancient Roman armies. As far as military costumes go, this design left a good bit to be desired. Constructed of wool, the tunic had the dubious distinction of being both hot and itchy. Adding to it’s discomfort was it’s complete lack of ability to deflect a sword strike. Naturally many ancient warriors met their untimely death while making this gruesome discovery. Hence, the fall of the Roman Empire. The importance of first-rate military costumes should never be underrated.

French Military Costumes

Perhaps one of the most comical military costumes ever was the one worn by Napoleon. The French, while normally thought of as world leaders in all things fashion, for some unfathomable reason saw fit to crown their army’s commander with what appeared to be a sideways and upside-down canoe. Astute historians have surmised that this hat caused so much embarrassment to the Emperor that the resulting stomach bile inevitably led to his death from stomach cancer. Another Empire lost to inferior military costumes.

German Military Costumes

Another famously laughable example of military costumes would be the German military costumes, the helmet of which was perforated by an enormous spike. Many people have wondered why the spike on a soldier’s helmet; allow me to educate you. German officers witnessed other soldiers sitting on their helmets when resting, and the spikes on the German soldier’s helmets were put there to prevent this despicable behavior. Many German soldiers nearly disemboweled themselves in learning this lesson. Thus military costumes as teaching devices for the first time in history.

Military costumes have been embarrassing, hindering, and injuring soldiers as long as there has been soldiers, so keep that in mind when selecting your choice of military costumes to wear to your next costume party.

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