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Wings and Wizard Wands

Wizard wands are considered to be a wizard’s most important instrument, their weapon and defense. Wizard wands can be used to conjure objects, transfigure and cast spells, it is pure power with the ability to protect as well as kill life. Unlike the wands of fairy-godmothers, wizard wands convey a much more serious image, can you imagine Gandalf The Great in The Lord of The Rings series going around pointing and casting spells with a little wand that has a star on the tip… probably not, wizard wands are weapons for magical duels.

It may sound a bit like a fairy- tale to some, but for centuries people have believed the longest living of all trees, the oak, is the most powerful and sacred of all. They believed this wood itself is alive with not only will and emotion but also mind and spirit. Guiding the tree with an eternal bond the spirit is thought to be a real living creature, the Nymph or Tree Guardian. When a piece of the oak's wood is crafted into a wand the Nymph’s magic is awoken in-turn, supplying the wizard wands and Halloween costume accessories with their unique and rare source of power.

No matter how far-fetched it may sound to some, many people today still believe in the power of wizard wands, in fact shows like The Wizards Of Waverly Place and movies like The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Pottery series have played a huge part in popularizing wizard wands with younger generations. Although wizard wands probably couldn’t solve issues of today such as the debt crisis, and with our advanced technology bringing wizard wands and Halloween costume accessories to a gun fight might not be the best idea but wizard wands do provide a large range of entertainment from movies to games, and still hold mystical powers in the minds of millions.

Those of you who don’t consider your household remote controls to be wizard wands, you will be happy to know you can live out your wizard fantasies with your very own wizard wands made to the standard as those of real wizards. You can have your wizard wands made from a variety of things like wood, crystal, and now they even make electronic wizard wands. So if you dream of joining the league of wizards, you can stop waiting for a letter from wizard school and go get your wizard wands today!

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