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2012 Summer Olympics

by Jannika Forester

With the 2012 Summer Olympics starting on Thursday July, 27th, we here at Private Island Party have put together a list of them party ideas to celebrate some of the countries that will be taking part in the Olympic Events.

From decorations to décor to food we will give you the tips and even some of the items you need to plan an amazing event!

        1. The Olympic Party

  • Decoration Ideas:
  1. Hang from around the world on your walls, outside from the trees, on railings, etc. Of course making sure to have the American Flag as your focal point!flags
  2. For centerpieces use inflatable torches or globes
  3. Use red and blue glasses or paper cups for beverages; use sports/flag themed utensils and paper plates, etc.
  4. Hang Olympic gold medals around the party or set them on the table. These can also be used for prizes after your Olympic Games!
  5. Food & Drink:
  6. Make/have guests bring (if it’s a potluck type party) food from different parts of the world such as: egg rolls, Greek salad, hummus, stuffed shells, French cheeses, and of course your all American burgers and hotdogs!
  7. For beverages have wines from France and Italy, Japanese Sake, Greek Ouzo, etc.


       2. Around the World

  • Decorations: , Maps with countries identified, , , each table can have a different countries color palate (i.e. for Italy it can have red, green and white table décor, etc.), other decorations for the different countries can include:Globespassportsflags
  1. Italy – grapes with ivy and leaning tower of Piza centerpiece
  2. Japan – fans, chopsticks and gongs
  3. Mexico – sombreros, maracas, fake chili peppers and piñatas
  4. Germany – Oktoberfest beer steins, pretzels and beer and alpine hats
  5. Food: German potato salad, Mexican tacos, German stuffed shells, Israeli hummus, Japanese sushi, etc.


        3. Parties specific to one countryMaybe you just want to support and celebrate your favorite country, Private Island Party can tell you how!

  • Mexico
  1. Decorate your party as a Mexican fiesta with , , .Mexican flagsInflatable CactusesMaracas
  2. Have your guests wear Sombreros, Spanish Hats, and maybe even one our fun Chili Pepper hats.
  3. Food: Set up a DIY taco station with an assortment of toppings (i.e. lettuce, tomato, cheese, jalapeños, salsa, guacamole, etc.), meats (chicken, beef, etc.) and shells (hard, soft, corn, flour).
  4. Place salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips on every table.
  5. Serve margaritas both on the rocks and frozen. For alcohol have tequila stocked to make fun drinks such as a tequila sunrise (which can also be non-alcoholic for the under-agers by just mixing Orange Juice with Grenadine.
  • America
  1. Decorate your party with the colors red/white/blue, place American flags around the venue and you can even use and place mats.American flag bandannas
  2. You and your guests can wear items such as our fun patriotic headband, tie, red/white/blue LED bracelets, and bandannas.
  3. Food: All American hotdogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, BBQ chicken, potato salad, colesale, etc.
  4. Serve American beer and mixed drinks along with sodas for those under age.


For more information on Olympic inspired party ideas and how Private Island Party can help email: info@privateislandparty.com, call (212) 242-0623 or visit www.privatislandparty.com.

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