Party Foul Rulebook

By Geoffrey Stanton: Illustrations  by David Stewart


Picture this: it's Friday night and you're ready to cut loose after a long, hard week. A few of your friends are going to a party down the road, and they invite you to tag along. You go home, get yourself looking presentable, and head out. But when you arrive, you find yourself gazing in open-mouthed horror at a scene of utter chaos. The acrid stench of unattended vomit stings your eyes as you step gingerly over a pile of broken glass. Somewhere in between leaning in a pile of stale beer and watching a shitfaced couple go at it like it's the end times, you ask yourself: "Are we not men? Have we not laws that separate us from the lower animals?" Well, fret no more! Here at Private Island, we have taken it upon ourselves to tame the forbidding wilderness of the party scene. That's why we've put our best heads together to assemble the definitive guide to common party fouls and their appropriate penalties.



1a.jpg                             1b.jpg
Someone spills a drink on the rug                They have to suck it out of the carpet
2a.jpg                             2b.jpg
When someone breaks a glass Confiscate their shoes            
3a.jpg                             3b.jpg
  Someone throws up outside the bathroom       They have to wear a bib and sit in the corner
4a.jpg                             4b.jpg
Someone changes the music mid-song          They have to finish the song... on the kazoo
5a.jpg                             5b.jpg
Someone doesn't bring alcohol             "Oh cool, you can DD"
6a.jpg                             6b.jpg
Someone's on the phone/texting the whole time              Host gets to text from their phone        
7a.jpg                             7b.jpg
Someone didn't honor the theme Host gets to dress them up          
8a.jpg                             8b.jpg
Cracking a new brew before the old one's finished                        Must collect and drink every nasty, warm, half-finished beer in the place
9a.jpg                             9b.jpg
Cutting the keg line You've gotta fill up everyone you cut before drinking
10a.jpg                             10b.jpg
Excessive PDA Duct tape their heads together


And there you have it, folks! With a few simple rules in place, your parties are bound to come off without a hitch. Want to add a little extra 'oomph' to your calls? Then check out Private Island's exclusive new Party Foul Flag!