Party Ideas

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Our favorite themes are Sexy 20 Birthday Ideas and Sexy Party Theme.

Have a favorite TV Show or hosting a themed event or party? For whatever themes you have, Private Island Party has the party themes, party Items and even classic party themed costumes that will aid in your theme party ideas. What are you looking to do? Broadcast your themed event to all of your friends and family and grab some fun items. 

 Do you need to create an office party theme?  Take a look at all our party theme ideas and see what you can come up with. Once you come up with one you will be able to land some great party themed items.


Time Period Parties  & Holiday Themes



  • Ancient Greek Toga/God/Goddess Theme
  • Ancient Roman Theme Warrior/God Theme
  • Egyptian Cleopatra/Pharaoh Theme
  • Mayan Theme
  • Aztec Theme
  • Zulu Theme
  • Arabian Theme
  • Indian Theme
  • Native American Theme
  • French Theme
  • Japanese Geisha Theme
  • Chinese Theme
  • Renaissance/Medieval Knight/Princess Theme
  • Elizabethan England Theme
  • Gothic/Vampire Theme
  • 18th Century French Theme
  • Pirate Theme
  • Wild West Cowboy/Cowgirl Theme
  • Civil War/Confederate Theme
  • Personal Decade Party
  • Jazz Age 20's Gangster/Flapper Party
  • 20's Showgirl/Burlesque Theme
  • 30's Hollywood Starlet/Leading Man Theme
  • 40's WW 2 Forces Sweetheart/Military Theme
  • 50's Greaser/Blond Bombshell Theme
  • 60's Hippie Theme
  • 70's Disco Theme
  • 80's Retro/Cindy Lauper Theme
  • 80's Retro/Old School Theme
  • 80's Rock Star Theme
  • 90's Grunge Theme
  • Bollywood Theme
  • 1st Birthday Theme
  • Birthday Parties
  • Confirmation Party
  • Bar/Bat Mitzfah Party
  • 16th Birthday/Sweet Sixteen
  • 20's Birthday
  • 30's Birthday
  • 40's Birthday
  • Over The Hill 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's Birthdays
  • Red Carpet Themes
  • Valentines Day Singles Theme
  • Valentines Day Couples Theme
  • Valentines Lingerie Party
  • Mardi Gras Carnival Theme
  • St. Pats Theme
  • St. Pats Sexy Theme
  • Easter Sexy Bunny Theme
  • Mexican Cinco De Mayo Theme
  • July 4th Patriotic Independence Day Theme
  • July 4th Independence Day Sexy Theme
  • Halloween Parties
  • Thanksgiving Party
  • Christmas Sexy Theme
  • Christmas Child Theme
  • Christmas Themes

       Sport Themes

  • NFL Football Theme
  • MLB Baseball Theme
  • NHL Hockey Theme
  • NBA Basketball Theme
  • All Countries Soccer Theme
  • Olympics Theme
  • Volleyball Theme
  • Tennis Theme