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Private Island® is one of the fastest growing Theme Party Supplier, Discount Wholesale Novelties Company and Halloween and Costume Manufacturer in the USA. Every item on our site has strategic tier pricing that is the lowest costs in the industry that is available segmented for retailers and consumers alike - 1 piece to 1000!

Looking to Supply for, or Throw a theme party such as a 80's Party, a Mardi Gras or Masquerade Party, or a 20's theme gangster or flapper party, we got you covered with the absolute lowest prices.

Or perhaps, you want to Throw or Supply for a child's birthday party or theme for children like a pirate, princess or angel party, we are here for you...

We have Party Supplies with hangtags or bulk, just ask! Whatever Holiday it is, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, St Patricks Day, April Fools, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, 4th Of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.... Just give us a call at 1-877-272-0215 or email :

Our stance is that as a manufacturer, our tier pricing is structured in such a way, that our retail customers are always getting the best prices, while ALWAYS preserving the integrity of our event planner and reseller wholesale/distributor clients.  Our wholesalers/distributors have a huge advantage cost-wise with other programs we have in place especially for discount wholesale party accessories.

Whether it be for any Party Theme, Halloween, Theater Groups, Event Planners, Dance Companies, DJ's and other talented professionals or to simply sell online, Private Island® has it all. With over 8,000 products conveniently in stock, Private Island® specializes in a large selection of Sunglasses, Wigs, Costume Accessories, Discount Wholesale Novelties, Hats, Costume Jewelry and so much more... Check it out! Want to do it yourself? Perfect! Private Island Party has all the cheap wholesale party novelties and costume accessories you would want to make your own costume or party in bulk at low prices, always. Be sure that you are secure while on using the checkout option, where major credit cards, Paypal, Google Checkout are accepted.

Want to purchase over the phone for one product or more, Its' a -snap-, Toll Free - 1-877-272-0215 - It's that simple. We answer right away! Please download and browse through Our 2019 PDF catalog.


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Instructions on How to Create An Account :

You can purchase freely at our 2nd Tier Pricing for however much you would like to purchase. Our Special 3rd Tier Prices and Price List is available to resellers and all companies only, and is now available on the website! Please fill out our online wholesaler/reseller application here and we'll create an account for you and confirm your access to our wholesale catalog via email. Just fill out the online form and M-F 8:30-5:00 EST within 2-3 business days, we'll send you an email with your wholesale login.

Without our huge customer base and fans we would be no "us" thanks so much to all our fans, customers, clowns, magicians, costume shops, circuses, theaters, wholesale novelties and candy shops, boys, girls, grandmas, grandpa's and everybody in between!


Opening a Line of Credit:

Customers may request opening a line of credit may start the process by filling out a Business Credit Application. Note: opening a line of credit is not available for a customer's first purchase. Customers must establish their account by making a first purchase of at least $250. For more infomation and requirements for opening a line of credit, please review the terms and conditions. 


Why Us?

Customer Service:

As we have dedicated an entire island to the needs of our customer, (a very big island indeed) We have learned that the customer is just like us, high flying amazing individual(s) that are dedicated to getting the very most out of our fair exchanges with the world. Does that sum it up? Just simply say the word, and you can be sure we would take care of you just like our own family. We are the premier wholesale novelties company and we take pride in all things zany, we might even surprise you and invite you in our time traveling castle to stay forever..

Greater Stability of Product Supply:

Our network of centralized physical locations, known and easily accessible to operators, limits the number of intermediaries in the pipeline and improves the flow of information between operators, both upstream (manufacturers) and downstream (wholesalers and retailers). This works to reduce uncertainty in stock supply and our ability to fulfill your order. Its the convenient choice!

Quality Product & Differentiation:

We’ve all heard of the Triangle of Productivity, Speed, Quality and Cost. You can have two, but not all three, so which would you choose? We want our customers to have their cake and eat it too. Improved inspections, quality control, sorting and grading according to product quality are some of the things we are doing to ensure the safety and hygiene of our products. Private Island offers a breadth of product that is cost-effective and high quality. Your order will always leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days in the condition you would expect to see.


The History of Novelties

Wholesale party novelties is one our many niche markets. Maybe throughout history, the one idea that was so interesting to children was how new a toy was or for adults, how much value a keepsake of small value is new. Children didn't care about if the toy was old, they wanted new and adults wanted unusual new items to satisfy their curiosity.Think back to Santa's workshop, when the elves created so many toys, if they didn't make them for santa they might as well sell them as cheap wholesale party accessories because they had so many..

The idea of a wholesale novelties shop started when a french mathematician described to his students how a item that is obscured by a camera becomes zany and funny and how they can fool people into believing the item actually has a practical function after being obscured. Candy shops in the Early 1900's took this idea and ran with it, while selling candy in bulk and also starting their wholesale novelties company by selling fake items to look like the original item such as candy cigarettes, fake bugs in plastic shaped ice and bottle cap x-ray glasses. In the early 1950's making practical jokes out of household items became very popular, and 3 big companies at the time started mass producing them for the public and selling cheap wholesale party accessories everywhere.

Lately, you don't walk in to a store and find wall to wall wholesale novelties anymore. Candy stores are now at your local Wal-Mart, Target and Supermarkets. They don't even stock wholesale party novelties like the days of yore. The Good Ol' Days have now gone and Walmart doesn't want to sell you pranks and jokes. We just don't see them in there..What happened to the best practical joke?

We promise, by the year 2020, pranks, hilarious gifts and new and exciting items will be in every store for the world to play jokes, and they will eventually have their own wholesale party novelties rack, even if we have to play a joke on everyone just to make everyone enjoy our fun toys!


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