Aviators Sunglasses

Aviators Sunglasses

Cheap Aviator Sunglasses (only in price, not quality) Police Sunglasses

Aviators sunglasses were first developed by a New York eyewear company known as Bausch and Lomb in 1936. When John A. Macready, an American test pilot had experienced the blinding and damaging glare of the sun, he contacted Bausch and Lomb asking them to create sleek sunglasses that would protect his eyes while flying. Bausch and Lomb then created Ray-Bans for the United Sates Army Air Corporations as an eyewear product that promised to ban the sun's rays while flying. We sell wholesale aviator sunglasses similar to the original!

The aviators sunglasses had a natural green color and blocked out twenty percent of the suns transmitted light. The original design for aviators sunglasses also had the resemblance of what many see as a bug shape, so that they protected the pilot's eyes from light coming from all angles. A year later, after the first aviators sunglasses and party sunglasses were released, Bausch and Lomb took out the patent and aviators sunglasses were sold to public consumers. That's where we come in, offering cheap aviator sunglasses in bulk.

Not that the American Army general during World War II, Douglas MacArthur, was a contracted spokes model for Ray-Ban's aviators sunglasses, but when he was photographed landing on the beach in the Philippines by journalists wearing them, the photos were printed in newspapers and he became one of the foundations for popularizing the aviators sunglasses. Let's just hope that Douglas was paid some small profit or sponsorship for the aviators sunglasses promotion, he was the first. We would certainly pay him to market our cheap aviator sunglasses.

In addition, aviators sunglasses seem to be marketed for police wear; however, there is a rarity when it comes to actually seeing policemen wearing aviators sunglasses. So, wouldn't it only be fair for people to wear party aviators if they're dressing up as a pilot? There could have been a trend where policemen really did commonly wear aviators sunglasses, but isn't it naive to think that they're stereotyped as police style? After all, they're not called policivars, but it wouldn't be surprising if they begin to be marketed under that name because like pilots, policemen have eyes that are sensitive to sunlight too.

Ever since Hollywood started using aviators sunglasses in their films, they have not only become a part of pop culture, but a fashion symbol for status and wealth. But, Ray-Ban's aviators sunglasses and knockoff party aviators are very practical because not only are they comfortable, but they do successfully block the sunlight out of your face. 

Could your friends use some party aviators as well? If so we offer wholesale aviator sunglasses and pass the savings onto you!

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