Costume Ears, Tails and Noses

Costume Ears, Tails and Noses

When trying to decide what costume to wear for a particular event it’s important to make sure all the parts of the costume are properly synchronized. The success or failure of many costumes may depend on having the proper costume ears. Probably the most famous costume ears and Halloween costume accessories in history are the Playboy bunny ears.

According to Hugh Hefner the Playboy bunny was inspired by Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana, Illinois. The strange part is the bar was actually named after Bernard “Bunny” Fitzsimmons, who opened it for business in 1936. There is probably an interesting story behind how such a nickname was acquired by a man, but it seems like something best left unknown. The Playboy bunny ears were originally taller and the outfit didn't have the trademark bow tie, cuffs and collar. The costume ears of the Playboy bunny made their debut on February 29, 1960 at the opening of the first Playboy club in Chicago. 

Star Trek gave light to the popularity of the Vulcan character Spock and his pointed ears. Since that time costume ears that come to a point have become quite popular. Pointed costume ears and Halloween costume accessories are also popular with people wishing to appear to be an Elf or hobbit. The donkey from the Shrek movie series is popular and so are donkey costume ears. People who want to have round green horn like costume ears can be the character Shrek. For those wishing to have the female version of these costume ears they can be the Fiona character. The female character Neytiri from the movie Avatar inspired people to wear deep blue costume ears that were sharply rounded.

Some costume ears are just large distorted ears that fit a particular theme. Unfortunately there are some people whose real ears are often mistaken for costume ears. Many costume ears are made from latex and are placed on the ear with an adhesive. There are companies that will do custom orders for costume ears.

Some people who are creative and talented make their own costume ears. This will explain the mouse ears or cat ears on small children who go trick or treating. For some reason there are parents who take an unusual delight in putting devil ears on their children during Halloween.

To portray any character properly in costume, the ears must be correct. If it’s a character from a movie, an animal or anything else it’s essential the costume ears match the rest of the costume.

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