Customized Party Products

Customized Party Products

When it comes to Customized Party Products and Wedding Party Supplies we have it all. From Wedding Party Sashes to Customized Sunglasses to personalized mickey mouse ears we are sure to make your event a success. Its easy to customize each party product to be bought in bulk. If you want to buy customized party products, the first step is figuring out what you would like them to say. Text is usually better short and up to 12-13 characters for customized sunglasses and customized mickey mouse ears because of the proportions of the space we have to work with. For Wedding Party Supplies, such as Wedding Party Sashes, text can be up to 22 characters for each sash. Once that is thought out, you can easily make your selection of text is the seller order notes box. Next you will have to pick the color of each item you want on the Customized Party Products. If you want a few colors, you can easily pick mixed colors, for example on customized sunglasses and tell us what you would like on each color in the seller order notes. For example, a few sashes, you can pick 1 Green sash with this text and this print and 12 white sashes with this color print and text. The last thing you have to pick is print color, we can max 2 print colors per order, and its mostly the same for all Wedding Party Supplies you would like to purchase and same for personalized mickey mouse ears. 

You can freely contact us by email at or contact us at 1-877-272-0215 as well for any questions you might have with our customized party products. 

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