Halloween Commercial



animated by Emily Niland





There had been a warning on the radio about an impending storm, however Mr. Mundano had no choice but to brave the tumultuous seas with his family in tow. After a weekend trip on their sail boat, he and his wife had to return to their jobs on Monday or face termination. On their way back to the mainland, The Mundanos' vessel was struck by lightning and sank to the bottom of the sea.


The family was set adrift on the scattered debris from the wreckage. They were tossed about on the open sea for what felt like eternity, tied together with rope so as not to lose each other. Finally, they spotted a shining light on the horizon.


It was an island, small and remote. Towers rose out of the sand, illuminating the night sky with glowing windows. The Mundanos paddled towards its shores with vigor.


Washing up on the island, the family kissed the sand beneath their feet. But their joy was short lived. Out of the shadows came a terrible sight. A rogue posse of vampirates approached with sharp fangs, bloody hooks, and glowing eyes.


The Mundano family summoned their last remaining bits of strength to run from the water and towards a gated wall surrounding the island's massive towers.


Once inside the sanctuary behind the gates, the family began to search for the inhabitants of this strange island. They walked inside the tallest tower and into a long passageway filled with doors.


At the end of the corridor stood a beautiful young woman dressed in a French maid's uniform. She greeted the Mundanos and directed them to a room behind velvet curtains. There was a large wooden chest flanked on either side by two ornate mirrors. “Let's get you out of those wet clothes!”


The maid opened the chest to reveal a glimmering heap of silver bodysuits . She picked out a few in various sizes and handed them to the family. “There are dressing rooms just around the corner.”


The family was very confused about the nature of this establishment, but they were in no position to refuse such strange hospitality. They each put on their respective bodysuits and stepped out from the changing booths.


“Marvelous! Now come see yourselves!” the maid exclaimed as she directed them to the mirrors. “The first mirror is how you see yourself. The second is how you want the world to see you.” In the first mirror the family stood in their silver bodysuits looking very uncomfortable.


But in the second mirror, Mr. and Mrs. Mundano were bedecked in royal King and Queen attire. Their son, Billy, was dressed as cowboy. Their teenage daughter, Beth, was sporting retro fashion from the 1980's.


While this mysterious condition of dual reflections concerned the Mundanos, they were far too tired to question the logistics. “Come with me, I will show you to your rooms,” the maid instructed as she lead them back to the hallway filled with doors.


Mr. and Mrs. Mundano were brought to a door marked “1352”. Billy was given room 1840. Beth was assigned to room 1988. They stepped inside their separate quarters and were immediately blinded by a bright flash of blinding light.


When their vision returned, Mr. and Mrs. Mundano found themselves in front of a large medieval castle. They walked through the main doors into a courtyard filled with people gathered for a feast. Trumpets were blaring and a jester entertained guests. As they entered the crowd began to bow.


In another room, and five centuries away, Billy found himself in a dusty little town where horses were hitched to posts and tumbleweeds passed by his feet. He heard music coming from a set of swinging doors. Inside the saloon people danced to the tunes of an upright piano being played in the corner.


Beth followed a crowd of people past velvet ropes and into a dazzling nightclub. 80's music played over the speakers and neon lights lit up the dance floor beneath her feet. Nearby, a man talked into a cellular phone the size of Beth's forearm.


Back on the island, a gnarled old witch levitated through the halls of the tower laughing to herself. “They will never want to leave. Nobody ever does!” Suddenly three doors flung open and the Mundanos stepped out. Mr. and Mrs. Mundano were bewildered, but intrigued. Billy and Beth were radiating with excitement, breathlessly relating to their parents the surprises that awaited them on the other side of these doors.


“So what did we think?” The family turned to see the maid at the end of the hall near the big wooden chest. They asked her what this place was. “Welcome to Private Island” she replied with a smile.


Published by Private Island Entertainment LLC.